Maziya S&R win second trophy in 2023

After the victory in Super Cup Maziya s&r continue with great performance, 2nd trophy in first 3 month in 2023  winning the PRESIDENT CUP.

Our client and player of Maziya Eldar Hasanovic who sign in feb.2023 and  played  all games in President Cup and like key player of maziya show his really good performance, Hasanovic Born in BiH 12 January 1990 to Maziya come from Bahrain  runner up team Sitra Club and for short time show to everyone that with his performance will be KEY PLAYER in Maziya 2023 

Maziya take two trophy for short time  next coming LIGA of MALDIVES and AFC CUP

we wish success our client Hasanovic and More trophy in 2023 


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